“Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all.” – Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton.

Ernest H. Shackleton, an Irish-born¬†British explorer, was a principal figure of the period known as the “Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration”. Now his bloodline continues though Dylan Shackelton owner/producer of Great Tide Productions.

In our History, he was known as the brave Captain who courageously journeyed towards the South Pole, became shipwrecked, and somehow survived, along with his entire crew for close to 2 years just floating on the ice, until he daringly made his own rescue.

That same will to see the journey through to the end is a large part of our business structure. Great-Tide Productions offers confidence, dedication, and a passionate determination to succeed against all odds. Each Audio Production is approached in a unique, professional manner from rough concept to a polished, quality product with no sacrifice or settlement.

Whether you’re tracking your band or just needing Mixing & Mastering of your pre-recorded audio, Great-Tide has the equipment, knowledge and expertise to navigate you towards your destination.

Services include:
– Audio recording [E-book narration, Broadcast advertisement , Music production]
– Pre/Post Audio Production and restoration
– Musical composition [Score to film, Marketing jingles, etc]
– Audio track/project mixing [see quality requirements and submission instructions]
-Mastering [Track order, EQ matching & volume normalization, embedded ISRC codes, etc]

Rates vary per production. Flat rate or Hourly rate available after Free consultation

Great Tide Production values your business, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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