Rates vary per production. Flat rate or Hourly rate available after Free consultation

Services include:

  •  Audio recording [E-book narration, Broadcast advertisement , Music production] You can come in to record your band, do voice over work for radio and tv ads,  or narrate your book on audio to reach your followers.
  • Musical composition [Score to film, Marketing jingles, etc]  I can help you in the writing process. I’ll work with you to compose a catchy jingle for your radio or tv ad, or create scoring to set the right mood in your film project.
  • Pre/Post Audio Production. We can help you start to finish get your audio project sounding incredible. From Pre production mic selection and project set up to mixing and mastering. Take your sound to the next level, polished and shiny, punchy and sparkly. Nothing can give your recording project that extra edge like a good mix and mastering.
  • Mixing [see quality requirements and submission instructions] Like to track your music yourself, but want a professional to mix it for you? I’ve got you covered. Submit your stems, and I’ll send you a mixed down version of your song(s).
  • Mastering [Track order, EQ matching & volume normalization, embedded ISRC codes, etc]


Quality Requirements And Submission Instructions:

For mixing I need the stems for each recorded track in .WAV files, 16 bit resolution or better, with a sample rate of 44.1 kHz or better. Stems can be submitted via dropbox or email. You can also opt to put them on a flash drive and deliver them in person. Submission method can be discussed further during your free consultation.



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